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Fear of failure, fear of a mistake, fear of letting people down, we have to take risks for anything good in life.  Fear is a magical thing, it can push us outside our comfort zones in order to grow.



Oh O you've gone down the Google rabbit hole and now you're wondering why you are suddenly trying to learn how to do a lotus napkin fold because you have no idea where to start with yachting. 

Google overWHElm


You are are hearing some comments from your nearest and dearest which makes you think, 'can I really get a job in yachting or is it just a dream?' All I can say is... give yourself permission to try! 



Well let's set this straight, getting a job in yachting is no walk in the park…. it’s hard work but trust me when I say it is so financially rewarding you are likely to earn back what you paid for your courses x 100. 

It could go only go two ways here, you're either going to end up back to square one - no job onboard or succeed in scoring a job in yachting and get paid to travel the world working on a superyacht.

What’s worse? to know you tried your best or spend years wondering if you could have done it #FOMO

Let me guess, you're scared to leave a stable job and worried your family might judge you for 'throwing it all away' which is resulting in...

Are your worries about getting a job holding you back from your next adventure?

Hey daring go-getter, here's an important question for you...

I've got the secrets to success and getting a job onboard

But here's thing. You're not alone. I've been exactly where you are and...

A clear strategy to getting onboard 

The tools to succeed

Clarity in knowing exactly what to do

Less expenses to start

You see there's a way forward. I don't want you spending time and money on things that aren't going to help you move forward in your plan for getting a job on a superyacht. What if you could have....

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This online course takes aspiring yacht crew from dreaming of working on a superyacht to confidently breaking into the industry.  Through a step-by-step process, designed to anchor you in the right position, give you the tools to kick start your yachting career + teach you how to survive and thrive in the industry! 

Yachting Kickstarter Guide 

Introducing the...

How the yachting industry works in the Deep Dive Into Yachting eBook (36 pg.)

The 5 Steps to success w/ the ‘Get Onboard Strategy’
5 Video Training Series guaranteed to teach you a lot about the industry (All the stuff not on Google!)

How to successfully plan for your yachting career - covering budget and what courses are required

The dock walking spots with more opportunities for work and less competition. + the ins and outs of Day Work

Expectations of junior crew (and how to meet them)

The survive and thrive industry secrets that usually take years to learn

+ Check out the modules below for more!

Inside the kickstarter course you'll learn:

Discover exactly what you'll learn:

Take a look inside the course modules and...

The need to know yachting seasons and locations for jobs.  

Job roles: yachting positions, crew hierarchy, transferable skills to yachting, and crew salaries.

A introduction into what yachting is, how superyachts operate, about life onboard and the pros and cons of the yacht life. This is where you will decide if it's a hell yes or a maybe not for me move.

The types of boats you can work on and the difference between private and charter yachts.

Take a deep dive into yachting with the 36pg eBook

STEP five

STEP four

STEP three

STEP two

STEP one

Your own yachting budget planner. A printable expenses chart so you know what to account for. 

Learn the costs involved with starting out in the industry (+ don't forget to use the discounted training codes to help lower the cost to get staretd)

Use the pre-yachting planner to ensure you don't miss a step (includes recommended industry training providers)

A Job search checklist for when you’re in the yachting hubs so you can plan out your weeks for ultimate job success! 

The planning for your next adventure phase!

step five

step four

step three

step two

Step one

Month to month break down of the yachting seasons and where these take place- it’s all about the timing!

How to attract the right attention (includes how to layout your yachting CV)

The requirements to work onboard and courses to get you there

Learn exactly where to position yourself for a job (includes worldwide yachting hubs and crew houses recommendations)

Learn who to connect and network with in the industry (and where to find them!)

The Get Onboard strategy: 5 Steps To Success

step five

step four

step three

step two

step one

What to wear dock walking and dayworking + what to say when you approach a boat. We have you covered. 

The tasks you can expect to be doing and the day work minimum pay - don’t let boats take advantage of you. 

You know those dock walking spots most green crew don’t know about, yep you want to know these. Less foot traffics = less job competition.

18 tips on how to ace your first day work experience so they keep getting you back, then voila... they offer you a position. 

The Key to Dock Walking and Day Working

step five

step four

step three

step two

step one

Learn how to be a good crew member, you’ll have heads of department turning heads saying “It’s like she’s been on boats for years!”

How to live your best life onboard yet remain healthy and happy

How to plan for and ace your interview

The expectations of junior crew and how to meet these

How the job process works +  info about your seafarer employment agreement and alarm bells to know before joining a boat!

The survive and thrive industry secrets! 

step five

step four

step three

step two

step one


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Printable expenses chart.  Know what to account for 

Budget Planner


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Over 85 nautical terms you need to know as junior crew


On STCW, deck/interior courses, PSA, PDSD, Food Hygiene + more  

SAVE up to $130 USD 

Discounted Training


Gain exclusive access to these bonuses

Wait, that's not all!

A-Z of Yachting Terms

Mellannie, South africa

For someone that wants to start in the superyacht industry. This course is jam-packed with information, so many great tips and tricks to start in the yachting journey. I now have the confidence to go out and find my first job on a yacht. Thank you so much for all your hard work and time that you have put into the course dedicated to green crew. 

"I can honestly say it has helped me learn and understand the yachting world in so many ways. 


Would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting to get into the industry. From the checklists to the info you don't know, Jess has so much fantastic content and really goes out of her way to help. 
It’s such a relief to instantly find all the advice you need all in one place - can’t emphasise enough how helpful her stuff is! 

"I got the dream job the day after completing my STCW course because I had been following Jess's guide.


I had done my research but this course really opened my eyes to things that hadn't even crossed my mind. Such great advice around dock walking and day work, interview guidance, what to do and what not to do onboard and even guidance on laundry/housekeeping and general stew advice- which is so useful for green crew! Thanks Jess for taking the time to make this course and sharing all your advice. This course has been so helpful and I really feel like i'm ready to start my yachting adventure with the help of the amazing checklists!

"I loved everything about this course! Jess has really gone above and beyond with all the content you receive. 

kind words

real results from students

I help aspiring yacht crew anchor themselves in the right position so that they can break into the yachting industry faster and start their new career with confidence.

I have over 5 years of experience in the yachting industry, I’ve started from the bottom and worked my way up, I’ve had real conversations with chief stews and captains with over 20 years experience, who both agree the information I share is something that is missing from the industry. I’ve completed several G.U.E.S.T training courses and secured roles on some of the world’s most prestigious superyachts. I’ve been trained by yachting professionals and now I’m sharing all that I know with you.

Hey, I'm Jess - the face behind The Seaworthy Stew. And I believe in saying yes to more adventures!

Meet your teacher

 I’ve been in your shoes before… wondering if I should try my luck in yachting, looking up all those dreamy destinations yacht crew seem to be at everyday! #yachtlife

Get paid (good money!) to travel the world whilst working on superyachts

Secure a job with no experience and work your way up to chief stew

Set yourself up financially with the expense free lifestyle that yachting offers 

Have a whole new group of friends based all around the world 

I said yes to the adventure, took a risk and now I'm proof you can....

Before you know it you'll be travelling by boat to places you didn't even know existed, serving the rich and famous.

No more wasting time now we have a clear get onboard strategy in place. When we don’t have a strategy, we are not going anywhere fast. The 5 steps for success helps you filter exactly what you need to focus on. Imagine having more clarity, knowing what you need to do to actually break into the yachting industry minus the overwhelm.

Imagine if you could confidently  break into the industry?

And now it's your turn!

So, who the course is for?

Aspiring yacht crew- that's you!  For the soon to be STEWS, DECKHANDS & CHEFS!

Cheeky risk taker (I mean aren't we all?!) You risk heartbreak for love and risk failing to take big steps and find success.

You're prepared to do the ground work hint hint... Dock Walking is key to success.

For those ready to make a plan and turn their yachting dream into a reality:

Stews, deckhands & chefs 

You're not prepared to take action...
this course is not for the fence sitters

You are trying to become a yachting engineer. The pathway to doing so is different to that of a junior stew, deck or chef. 

This course is not for you if:

Not if you are purchasing only the  Yachting Kickstarter course, if you are wanting a full CV review I recommend purchasing the 'bundle buy' option which includes The Yachting CV toolkit.

Can I send my CV to you to check if I buy the Kickstarter course?


Yes absolutely! I offer email support to help you and will check in with you to see how you're going once you're in the yachting hubs and on the quest for a job. I also answer any questions you have along the way.

Do you provide support after the course?


COVID has not affected the billionaires of the world who own and charter yachts. Yachting hasn’t been as heavily affected as say the hospitality industry or cruise ship. Yachting will carry on, boats always need crew. 

Can I still get a job in yachting despite COVID?


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

As mentioned previously this course is not for the fence sitters, its specifically for the action takers and due to the nature of the digital product, refunds are not available. 

Can I get a refund on the course if it's not for me?


This course does not guarantee you a job, it simply gives you the best possible chance at securing a job in the competitive yachting industry.

Does the Yachting Kickstarter guarantee me a job?


Yes, depending on your skill set you can always do interior courses in order to upskill and get you up to speed on what is required for the yachting industry. 

Can I get a job with no hospitality or hotel experience?


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(Usually $266)

Just $199 USD

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