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Comprehensive toolkit to help make a stand out yachting CV

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So much time wasted in applying for jobs. Now you're second guessing yourself and your experience? Should I do another course to add to my CV?



 You know you've got what it takes but don't understand how to add transferable skills from your land based jobs and day work. So it's just a big blob of blank space. 

Lack of experience


Generic content. You've written "Attention to detail" + "Customer Service" on your CV however you have no idea how to back these up with examples relative to yachting. 



Let me guess you’ve updated and sent your CV off, you're waiting for the call back and WELL it never comes. Heart-breaking!

It only takes captains and recruiters 6 seconds to look at your CV before they decide whether or not they are reading any further?  Captains and crew agencies are looking for very special and unique skills that immediately say why you would be qualified for the position and what would make you a good crew member.

Let me guess, you're wondering how to connect the dots from your land based jobs to yachting which is resulting in...

Is your CV holding you back from your dream Yacht job?

Hey daring go-getter, here's an important question for you...

I've got the secrets to sailing the high seas of  success

But here's thing. You're not alone. I've been exactly where you are and...

More job opportunities

Confidence to communicate your worth

Higher salary

A stress-free Yachting CV set up in no time 

You see there's a way forward. Don't spend hours going down a rabbit hole on Google looking for mixed advice on Superyacht CVs. What if you could have....


A comprehensive toolkit which gives you everything you need to create a Yachting CV that is professional, ticks the industry boxes and stands out.

Yachting CV Toolkit

Introducing the...

3 unique CV templates to choose from, all following the correct format of a Yachting CV 

How to recognise the transferable skills from your land based jobs and apply them to your new CV

How to use power words in order to communicate your message more strongly and confidently

The secret personal profile formula 

How to take the perfect CV headshot (no fancy equipment required!)

Full CV review after completion of the course

Inside this toolkit you'll find everything you need for your CV including:

Inside this toolkit you'll find everything you need for your CV including:

CV Templates come in both A4 and US letter size and accessible on Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Discover exactly what you'll learn:

Take a look inside the course modules and...

Learn about yachting positions: description, responsibilities, skills and salary enhancements

How to organise your 'Maritime qualifications' from 'Other Qualifications'  

Choose between 3 unique yachting CV templates all ticking industry boxes

The important primary information you need to include within the top half of your yachting CV

Discover the best places to share your CV for increased job opportunities

Click and create

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Craft your own unique working highlights that are interesting and backed by examples

How to structure your work experience from yachting, daywork, hospitality and other

Learn how to apply your land based work experience to the yachting industry
(Downloadable: Transferable Skills List)

Stand out by incorporating key action verbs to help you communicate in a stand out way that is NOT generic

Work Experience and Transferable Skills

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Questions to help figure out your unique offer and prove that what you bring to the table is relevant and exciting 

Understand how to transform common hobbies into yachting related skills which could assist in scoring a dream yacht job

Learn how to tie all your experience and skills together for the MOST important paragraph of your CV

How to split your personal profile into three sections that allow you to explain why you're the ideal candidate for the job 

The Secret Personal Profile Formula 

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

How to prepare for the next phase: Interviews and what questions you need to consider your answers to

What you should be asking a captain, head of department or recruiter in an interview that shows you are very interested in the role onboard

Uncover my tried and tested method to taking a successful CV photo (Video tutorial)

Learn the DO'S and DON'TS of CV photos including how to set the scene to show you're a professional yacht crew member

Take Perfect CV Photos & Ace Your Interviews

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

How to customise your CV with colours and downloadable fonts (Video Tutorial)

The psychology of CV layouts and how the templates allow you to display your information for ultimate success

The font choices you need to know for  professionalism and readibility

Video tutorial on implementing all the styling and editing tweaks to make your CV unique

The Stand Out Editing and Styling Guide

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

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Direct access to over 50 yacht crew agencies worldwide.

Yacht Crew Agencies


valued at $45

A template to easily create a killer cover letter. 


How to apply your past work experiences to yachting!

valued at $39

Transferable Skills List


Gain exclusive access to these bonuses

Wait, that's not all!

Cover Letter Template

Includes 3 CV templates in both A4 and US letter size- accessible on both Microsoft Word and Google Docs
+ 1x Full CV review. 

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Are you ready to master your own stand out yachting CV?


All the information in The Yachting CV Toolkit is SO helpful, Jess also goes out of her way to personally help you feel connected in the yachting industry! It only took me a couple of weeks to find a stewardess job, and the chief stew told me they didn’t want to hire a greenie but she REALLY liked my CV. The toolkit is extremely clear and easy to apply (The resume templates are perfect!). Jess also gives you personal feedback on your CV and that's what I believe got me the job! If you’re nervous about getting into the industry, Jess will be your spirit guide!” 

"It only took me a couple of weeks to find a stewardess job!"


I loved EVERYTHING about the CV toolkit. I really cannot pinpoint one specific thing because it is all so detailed and informative! I really appreciate how simple it is to use with a step-by-step you made the process. I am enjoying learning so much about the industry and being able to gain experienced insight is really exciting and beneficial. The CV toolkit made it 100x's easier to create a stand out yachting CV. Thanks Jess!

"For someone wanting to break into the Superyacht industry this CV toolkit is SO informative!


Thanks so much, this is such an awesome service. Not only was this an absolute breeze to create using your template and guidance, but I have never felt so confident on a CV before.Your course is helping so many of us navigate the intricacies of breaking into the superyachting industry. 

"I have never felt so confident on a CV before!"


Your information is so helpful and now I am overly keen to get on a yacht! Thank you very much for taking the time to share this knowledge

Cheers, Tom!"

"Thank you very much for the tools to improve my CV!

kind words

real results from students

I'm a yacht stewardess now living life back on land after over 5 years working on some of the worlds most renown yachts and I'm here to guide you in the right direction.

My passion for helping green crew is fuelled by the belief theres a world of possibility out there if you're willing to chase it.

I'm here to give you the exact step-by-step guide to getting a job onboard and excelling in the industry! Because even though you and I both know what you have to offer is nothing short of incredible, it takes more convincing to persuade potential employers that you are highly capable and willing to do what it takes to work in the Superyacht Industry.

Hello, I'm Jess the face behind The Seaworthy Stew. An Australian gal who believes in an open mind, big dreams and a wild heart. 

Meet your teacher

Yep! I've been in your shoes before wondering how to make a stand out CV with zero yachting experience. 

A customisable CV that ticks all the relevant industry boxes and sets you apart from the rest 

Stress free set up (Yes please!), there are 3 fully formatted Microsoft Word CV templates to save you time by simply inserting all your information

Your desired Superyacht Job by developing and understanding the necessary skills to progress 

More interviews from a stand out CV that screams "I'm a professional yacht crew member"

I've crafted this toolkit from over 5 years industry experience so you can achieve...

A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is most likely the first point of contact a yacht has with you, it needs to be professional as it’s basically your personal sales pitch to the captain.

Let me guide you in the right direction by handing over the tools you need for producing a stand out yachting CV that is easy to edit and allows you to communicate your worth. 

Imagine if you could wave goodbye to your mediocre CV 

Everything you need to know about Yachting CVs
in one toolkit

The Yachting CV Toolkit isn't like other CV services out there

Build a complete (stand out) Yachting approved CV in less than 24 hours

Craft one of the most important paragraphs on your CV using the secret personal profile formula

It has action packed advice in bite-sized modules that help you:

Allow you to learn on the go, access anytime through the Teachable App

Gives you direct access to download 3 CV templates and all BONUS resources to use as you progress throughout your yachting career

A unique online experience including self-paced modules which:

Communicate your message more strongly and confidently by adding in information that is relevant to the yachting industry

Sell yourself in a positive way on your CV by identifying your unique key skills

A tools and resources hub to help you stay on track and implement your learnings so you can:

Where to share your CV for jobs
Suggested crew agencies (link)
Transferable skills from land based jobs
Action verbs to make your CV stand out
Reference letter template
Crew hierarchy 
Yacht positions, skills & salary enhancements

Exclusive access to BONUS resources and information like:

You will have your own CV templates to keep, edit and customise however you want and adding to them as you progress within the industry. There are 3 templates to choose from all in A4 and US letter size. 

Can I edit the templates as I go or do I need to pay for future editing? 


Yes all the templates come in both Microsoft Word and Google Docs templates.  

I don't have Word, can I use the CV Templates in other programs like Google Docs?


It is rare anyone who starts in the industry has yachting experience, you've got to start somewhere. It's all about positioning yourself in the yachting hubs in the correct seasons and marketing yourself correctly on your CV.

I have no yachting experience, yet will it be difficult to get a job?


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

This course does not guarantee you a job, it allows you to create a professional, well-presented CV that best reflects your skill set and increases your chances of securing your ideal position onboard. 

Does the Yachting CV toolkit guarantee me a job on a Superyacht?


The Yachting Kickstarter Guide is your best chance at landing your first job on a superyacht. Through a 5 step process, designed to anchor you in the right position, the course gives you the tools to stand out in the competitive yachting industry.

Can you help me get a job once I complete my CV?


Yes! Once you complete the course and you're happy with your CV. You can email to ensure your new Yachting CV is a stand out one and ticks all the industry boxes. 

When I finish my CV can I send it to The Seaworthy Stew to check over?


You are new to the yachting industry (green) and need help transforming your land based CV to a yachting CV (they are very different)

You are working in the yachting industry however need help making a stand out CV to improve job opportunities 

You no longer want to question whether your CV is meeting the requirements of captains, heads of departments and crew agencies

You’re wanting to save money and time by having the choice of 3 CV templates with key information to use throughout your yachting career

This course is perfect for you if....

Imagine having the tools to create a stand out yachting CV without the stress of wondering if it meets the requirements of the Superyacht industry 

This Yachting CV Tookit allows you to elevate your past work experiences, create a killer personal profile and position yourself as the ideal candidate for the role onboard. 

Confidence and a
clear direction for your Yachting CV

When you finish this course you'll skip away with...

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$97 USD

one-time payment of

one time fee

So, are you ready to master your own stand out yachting CV?

Includes 3 CV templates in both A4 and US letter size- accessible on both Microsoft Word and Google Docs
+ 1x Full CV review.