I'm Jess and I help aspiring yacht crew anchor themselves in the right position so that they can break into the yachting industry with confidence!


I am a yacht stewardess now living life back on land!  After over 5 years travelling the world on Superyachts. I want to share with you how you can do it too... Because I just had the time of my life!

I was fortunate to travel all over the Mediterranean, Caribbean, United States, Dubai, Maldives and Great Barrier Reef. With three Atlantic crossings under my belt all whilst working on five different private and charter yachts over the years!  I'm here to share everything I learnt about Superyachts. 
along the way because just like you I started with no experience on yachts.  

Hi, I'm Jess –
the face behind 
The Seaworthy Stew.

I'm an Aussie gal who believes in an open mind, big dreams and a wild heart. 

Oh, and I'm obsessed with my Aeropress coffee maker and love a a cheeky Moscow Mule!

The reason why I wanted to start The Seaworthy Stew is because I thoroughly enjoy helping people achieve their dreams so here I wanted to give you the tools, tips and tricks to getting a job on a yacht. Because when I started there was no resources out there, you literally just winged it!

Whether you’re over your 9-5 and dream of travelling the world and get paid to do it, you’re an airline or cruise ship stewardess looking to transition to a yacht stewardess or you’ve just heard so much about the industry and you want to know more about yacht life, I'm here to give you the kickstart you need.

Because we've all got to start somewhere!

Why I want to help Green Crew?

Great news, adventure seeker! 

I'm here to share with you with more about the Yachting kick-starter guide.

So you want to work on a Superyacht? You’ve seen all the amazing photos from someone on the gram and you think ‘Oh maybe one day I could do that.’
Well I’m here to give you the kick up the butt you need! If not now? Then when?  "But there’s no information out there, I don’t know where to start, I don't have any experience, I can't afford to"

I’ve heard it all. And that’s why I’m here to answer all your questions, and tell you how can you not afford to? The money you earn in yachting is incredible + it’s an expense free lifestyle most of the time.

You are capable of more than you think you are and with a step by step guide which equips you with all the information you need failure is not an option. I'm here to help you understand how to get a job on a superyacht and prepare you for what the industry expects so there are no surprises. 

This is just some of my key takeaways which came from working for billionaires and seeing how the other side live. You may have to just go out and experience it for yourself and let me know what you find out! 

Go and get outside your comfort zone

Being rich doesn't mean you're happy

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Love and kindness are never wasted

Experience over a degree any day

It wasn't until I was working onboard meeting new people everyday & experiencing new things that my world opened up, and here's what I learnt:

My passion for helping Green crew is fuelled by the belief there is a world of possibility out there if you're willing to chase it.

It's not just heart-shaped confetti and big yachts that excite me.

my values

Cino, the wonder dog

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Great Barrier Reef, AUS

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Azores, Mid-Atlantic Portugal

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Are you ready to start work on superyachts and travel the world?

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