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You can, HOWEVER I would highly recommend being in one of the yachting hubs such as Antibes or Palma in Europe or Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach in Florida USA. Most yachts will not fly out 'green crew' (New to the industry crew) to do trial work on board, they will more than likely choose the closest candidate to them as it will cost less to get them to where the yacht is located. Being in the yachting hubs also allows you to dock walk, meet Crew Agencies face to face and network within the yachting community.

Can I apply for a job as a Green Stewardess from my home town to save on accomodation costs?

Chances of getting your first job on a yacht in the winter is slim, most yachts during the winter are not operating with guest trips. The yachts will often go into a shipyard for a refit or scheduled boat work which often results in crew being sent on extended leave resorting to a ‘skeleton’ crew (minimal crew) onboard. There is the possibility though to get a job on a yacht before it crosses over from Europe to the Caribbean, some will be hiring to ensure the yacht is fully crewed for the crossing and in preparation for the next season.

Is there a possibility to get a job during the winter in Europe?

Plan and research as much as possible, book your STCW Safety Training and your ENG1 Medical, I have a free eBook download which is a great reference point to guide you on the first steps you should take to getting a job on a Superyacht.  Check it out here

I am interested in becoming a yacht stewardess. What are the first steps I should take to getting a job on a superyacht?

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