Tune in and join me (Jess!) as I share all. From real insight into all things yachting to helpful hints for green crew, we cover it all.

The Seaworthy Stew Podcast

How do I become a yacht stewardess? How do I get into yachting and get paid to travel the world? What is it like to work on a superyacht? How can I find a job in yachting? This podcast is dedicated to answering all of those questions… and more! 

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A Day In The Life Of A Yacht Stew


From a Yacht Stew to Pilates Instructor on Superyachts | Interview with Vee


5 Things You Need To Know Before You Join Yachting


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Common Green Crew Mistakes


A Day In The Life Of A Yacht Stew

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 Pilates Instructor on Superyachts


Ebony Sortras
Flight attendant turned Yachtie

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The Seaworthy stew is awesome!!!!!!!!! Finally a true guide with real insight into the industry and what it really takes to get started and what to know before you get into it. Jess is a world of knowledge cant wait to see what she posts next....Thanks Jess.!





Stay Tuned

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Stay Tuned

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I am a yacht stewardess now living life back on land! 
After 5 years travelling the world on Superyachts. I want to share with you how you can do it too... Because I just had the time of my life! 

I was fortunate to travel all over the Mediterranean, Caribbean, United States, Dubai, Maldives and Great Barrier Reef. With three Atlantic crossings under my belt and working on five different yachts over the years! 

And I'm here to share everything I learnt about Superyachts along the way with you. 

Hi, I'm Jess.

I believe in an open mind, big dreams and a wild heart and am a coastal girl with an addiction to chasing the summer on yachts. 

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