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So you got let go as an Airline Stewardess? The recovery time post covid19 is going to be a while before airline travel is favoured. Well news flash! Turn this negative into a positive and join the Yachting industry. Listen to The Seaworthy Stew podcast on Apple, Spotify or Google. In this episode I chat […]

Cabin Crew to Superyacht Crew | Interview with Ebony Sortras

ok, I'm intrigued. tell me more!

I am a yacht stewardess now living life back on land! After 5 years travelling the world on Superyachts. I want to share with you how you can do it too! Because I just had the time of my life!

Whether you’re over your 9-5 and dream of travelling the world whilst getting paid (great money!) to do it, you’re an airline stewardess looking to swap your wings for sealegs, you're looking for the ultimate gap year job, or you’ve just heard about the industry and you want to know more…

I’m here for you! Giving you the push you need. Because I believe in adventures over things and stories over stuff! And yes my loved ones have heard them all, so hopefully they will be put to use in helping you get a job on a superyacht.

I believe in an open mind, big dreams and a wild heart.

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