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The Seaworthy Stew Blog

Life Onboard

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You’ve got your first job on a yacht! You’ve packed, you’ve travelled and now at the boat about to walk onboard. EEEK! Those nerves kick in *Insert awkward smile* to new crew member greeting you on the dock. Listen to episode 50 of The Seaworthy Stew Podcast by clicking the icon above to hear on […]

How Superyachts Work & What Happens When You First Get Onboard

Housekeeping Yacht Stewardess

About Yachting, Life Onboard

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There are three main roles of a stewardess and they fall into a Laundry, Housekeeping or Service stew. On bigger boats when you’re on charter you will usually slot into one of these roles and then rotate between them all when off charter. On smaller boats you can often be doing all three roles. – […]

What Type Of Stew Are You – Housekeeping, Service or Laundry?

Yacht Stewardess Responsibilities

Life Onboard

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So you want to be a yacht stew? Did you know stews have more responsibilities onboard than just providing awesome holidays for charter guests and nailing table settings?  There’s more to being a stew… we’re a bunch of multi-taskers, some would say professional housewives in the making?! Well at least my partner thinks so haha […]

What are the responsibilities of a yacht stew?

Sole Yacht Stewardess

Life Onboard

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Ever wondered what life is like on board as a sole yacht stew? In this blog/podcast episode, I dive into a day in the life of a sole stew. What jobs you’ll be doing from service, housekeeping, and laundry- you do it all!   As a sole stew you are responsible for the whole of the […]

Yachting As A Sole Stewardess

Life Onboard

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The Superyacht industry is full of high net-worth individuals and celebrity personality types. They often not only have yachts, they have private jet planes to get them to their yachts and private estates all over the world.  So who are these people? From the top 10 wealthiest people in the world to celebrities and really wealthy entrepreneurs who have […]

The Rich and Famous: Superyacht Owners and Charter Guests

A day in the life as a Yacht Stew

Life Onboard

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Many friends intrigued in the world of yachting ask me what is day to day life like as a stew? And “what do you do onboard when theres no guests… must be like a holiday right?!” ⁣⁣⁣⁣Wrong. This is not the case TRUST me when I say.. there is ALWAYS something to do on a […]

A Day In The Life Of A Yacht Stew

Yacht Stewardess

Life Onboard

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From a Stew to future Stews… You will laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh somedays as you are challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. Remember to be kind to yourself. You quickly develop a new love for a hoover (Vacuum) learn to drive him correctly (without hitting any walls), clean him, add smelly […]

10 things no one tells you before you become a stewardess

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I am a yacht stewardess now living life back on land! After 5 years travelling the world on Superyachts. I want to share with you how you can do it too! Because I just had the time of my life!

Whether you’re over your 9-5 and dream of travelling the world whilst getting paid (great money!) to do it, you’re an airline stewardess looking to swap your wings for sealegs, you're looking for the ultimate gap year job, or you’ve just heard about the industry and you want to know more…

I’m here for you! Giving you the push you need. Because I believe in adventures over things and stories over stuff! And yes my loved ones have heard them all, so hopefully they will be put to use in helping you get a job on a superyacht.

I believe in an open mind, big dreams and a wild heart.

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