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Depending on where you plan to look for your first job in yachting and your nationality, you may need to look into what visa is required for you to legally enter countries and work onboard.  Here are 3 visa’s to consider for the yachting seasons: B1/B2 Visa (Caribbean and US Season) This is a multi-entry […]

What Visa Do You Need To Work On Superyachts?

Yacht Stewardess

Superyacht Jobs

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Leaving my 9-5 job to start a new career at sea and get paid to travel the world was the best decision I ever made. Today I am forever grateful for the opportunities yachting gave me, from paying off my university debts to setting myself up financially and STILL having the abilty to travel to […]

How To Get A Job As A Yacht Stewardess

Superyacht Jobs

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If you’re interested to see where an additional skill can take you in yachting check out episode #48 of The Seaworthy Stew Podcast  I chat with Vee from @pilateswithvee_ a former Yacht Stewardess turned professional Pilates & Spa Manager onboard superyachts, Vee shares her insights into the yachting industry and how the environment differs from […]

It’s Not Your Usual Yachting Job! Managing A Luxury Spa And Teaching Pilates Onboard Superyachts | Interview With Vee

Stew Tips

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Are you wondering what courses you need to work as a yacht stew? What will you learn from a stewardess course? Will doing a yacht stew course guarantee you a junior stew role? If these questions have been on your mind and you’ve been debating whether or not to do Interior Superyacht training, read on. […]

🤷‍♀️ What Will I Gain From Doing A Yacht Stew Training Course If It Doesn’t Guarantee Me A Job?

About Yachting, Superyacht Jobs

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The best times to find a job in yachting to give you the best chance at scoring work! 1. At an international event such as a boat show 2. When the yachts are in season 3.  When there’s a change over of crew (generally at the start and end of a season) All of these […]

The best times to find work on a superyacht

Superyacht Jobs

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Your Yachting CV (Curriculum Vitae) is most likely the first point of contact a superyacht has with you. Therefore, putting together the Perfect Yachting CV is essential. After all, it’s your personal sales pitch to the Captain or Head Of Department looking to hire you!   A Yachting CV differs significantly from a land-based CV. It features maritime […]

How To Write A Yachting CV


Superyacht Jobs

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When you’re searching for yacht jobs online as a stewardess or deckhand you may have seen jobs advertised as rotational or 3:1 or 2:1 and a lot of questions have popped up around these jobs. So in the blog, we will get clear on what rotational jobs are, how they work, why they are sought […]

Rotational Yacht Crew Jobs


Stew Tips

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When you’re first starting in the yachting industry everything feels foreign and as a Junior stewardess, there are so many new things to learn.  In this episode, I run over housekeeping do’s and don’ts which will help you to gain more knowledge about what to do and what not to do a yacht stew on […]

Housekeeping Do’s and Don’ts For Junior Yacht Stews

Yacht Stew Jobs

Superyacht Jobs

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Social Media has fast become a way of securing job opportunities in the yachting industry and a fabulous way to stay up to date with yachting related information for a specific area and the current yachting industry trends. These Facebook pages listed below are just some recommendations for various yachting areas. I suggest looking at […]

Yacht Crew Facebook Groups You Need To Be On

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